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      We started Australian Wellness Co. in 2018, as sisters living across the world from our native Australia in Sweden, with a simple vision. To create 100% natural, plant-based skincare that makes every day life that bit better.

      Hayley Svensson & Kristin Cavicchiolo

      The beginning. Australia.

      Having grown up in a small country town in Victoria, Australia, we were used to using natural remedies from our fruit and vegetable garden to soothe everything from sore throats to bumps and bruises. This grassroots upbringing shaped us to appreciate the beauty and inherent usefulness of nature.

      The middle. Exploring.

      With this zest for natural wellness, Kristin took a break from the corporate world and studied Aromatherapy, realising a deep passion for working with essential oils to positively affect one's emotions and physical state in a natural way. Hayley studied nutrition and diet and awakened her own passion in that field.

      The present. New pursuits in Sweden.

      Eventually Kristin pursued opportunities overseas and moved to Sweden where her beautiful son, Alex, was born. Along with her sister Hayley's support and enthusiasm, they founded Australian Wellness Co - 

      "We were motivated by a lack of effective natural skincare products on the market - they looked good but didn't seem to work as promised. We appreciated that others must want better for their families too. So we decided to create all-natural, effective skincare products using powerful and healing Australian botanicals that really work."