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      At Australian Wellness Co. we love making quality, conscious natural skincare and wellness products to help improve the everyday lives of families (us included). We know that people today are demanding more natural and sustainable everyday products, and we are proactively working towards satisfying that need.

      We're happy to partner with brands and businesses that share the same values as us, have similar audiences, and wish to use our products in partnership opportunities/and or sell our products.

      If you find that our products are the perfect fit for your individual or business needs, feel free to reach out to us at kristin@australianwellnessco.com or via the Contact Us form and introduce yourself!

      Partners we're looking for:

      • Subscription boxes
      • Media + Event companies
      • Photographers + Content Creators
      • Corporate Events & Gifts
      • Businesses + Industries including: Sustainable manufacturing, Vegan + Natural Beauty/Skincare, Health + Wellness, Sports + Exercise
      • Groups + Organisations including: Vegan groups, Natural + Alternative Health practitioners, Health Clubs + Gyms, Yoga + Pilates studios, Sports + Fitness groups