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      It brightens our day when we receive positive feedback from our customers!
      If you would like to share your own experience with Australian Wellness Co. products, contact us.


      HERO BALM Skin fix

      Hero Balm Multipurpose from Australian Wellness Co

       "Kids and I are loving Hero Balm! Perfect for dry hands after all that washing to keep Covid-19 at bay."
      - Klara H, Gothenburg Sweden
      "I've always suffered from very dry skin, especially my hands and cuticles. Hero Balm has been my saviour! My husband and I love to go sailing so will definitely take Hero Balm with us from now on."
      - Elisabeth J, Lerum Sweden 
      "Hero Balm is great! In the cold weather my little boy's cheeks have been dry and irritated, so I put Hero Balm on him last night before bed and today the redness has really improved."
      - Cassie B, Brisbane Australia 



      BODY RESCUE Relaxation spray

      Body Rescue Relaxation spray from Australian Wellness Co

      "Your products work wonders! I gifted Body Rescue spray to my girlfriend who had aching muscles. She applied it in the evening and in the morning all her pain was gone. And Hero Balm keeps my lips hydrated and smooth. Thank you!"
      - Nika M, Croatia
      "I started using Body Rescue for my period cramps and it worked wonders! I use it every month and have recommended it to all my friends. Also, I'm a violinist, so every time a muscle aches, there is Body Rescue!"
      - Gaby B, Germany

      "I bought Body Rescue for my 5 year old daughter who had growing pains. After applying it to her legs it started to work wonders. It gives her so much relief and she no longer has to suffer with pain. Body Rescue is amazing! Thank you so much.
       Jenna L, Griffith Australia 
      "Love Body Rescue spray! My legs fell asleep. So relaxing. It’s amazing! I’m really surprised by the effect."
      - Hampus E, Gothenburg Sweden
      "I use Body Rescue for a better night's sleep and on sore muscles from gym workouts. Also, I recently hurt my hand... with daily use of Body Rescue it healed quickly!"
      - Elizabeth L, Gold Coast Australia

      "I think you two sisters have made my husband so happy, because since I started using Body Rescue, I sleep well and don't snore anymore! (says husband). Happy times!"
      - Elisabeth C, Höno Sweden



      Natural Functional Perfume from Australian Wellness Co

      "When I first smelt my natural perfume I felt something familiar... I really felt that it was for me! 
      Wearing it makes me feel relaxed and even rolling it on reminds me to relax. I love that it embodies all that I love in a scent.
      It's me."
      - Sandra N, Härryda Sweden

       "Apart from the fact that the perfume smells fantastic, it stays on! It feels so much better in body and soul to use a natural perfume. I like that it applies with a roller, making it easy to get exactly the amount I want. The bottle can be refilled by Australian Wellness Co. which is a bonus."
      - Therese A, Gothenburg Sweden